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to the oklahoma city bombing. >> before the bombing occurred, there was a sort of fever in america. meanwhile, the fabric of american life had been unraveling. more and more people who had a hard time figuring out where they fit in, it is true that we see some that today. >> welcome, i'm eric bolling in for cavuto today as we approach the oklahoma city bombing appear verse are bill clinton comparing the tea party movement with timothy mcvay. thousands of ordinary people concerned with higher taxes, the size of government. reaction from former g.o.p. presidential candidate mike huckabee and host of huckabee on fox. when we heard this, he were like did he really just compare tea partiers to the oklahoma city terrorist bomber? >> i hope not. what timothy mcvay was about was a separatist group that wanted to disengage from government and wanted to overthrow it. what the tea party is saying is we're engaged with the government, we're paying all the taxes. we want the government to be engaged with us. >> let's hear that again. another bite from the same conference, the center for american progress
the world we're not racist and we're about saving america. >> neil: what changed since you voted that has you upset. >> it's knowledge. i was a lifelong tell me and raised as a democratic. i really didn't have any understanding about the political process. so after i voted i decided i should educate myself to see what i was voting for and what i found, i didn't like. i'm an american, i learned the constitution and that the principles our forefathers laid town were not the ones the administration is abiding in. >> julia, you've been with the movement from the beginning. it's a interesting history and you know how it's been described and you know how it's been called a lot of nasty things by the mainstream media. does it bug you? >> i think it just shows the simple fact that the typical mo of the far left is that when you can not compete, you resort to character assassination so i try not to let it bother me. we're going to keep focused and focus on our core issues, fiscal responsibility, constitutional limited government and free markets. >> democrats quickly counter and critics counter wh
as strongly as the general population. second, the most important issue in the hispanic community in america is economic empowerment, the ability to leave their children better off. some rhetoric by a handful of people over the years has been troublesome and i've always said, we don't want to be the antiillegal immigration party. we want to be the pro legal immigration part and we have to outline why illegal immigration is bad for legal immigration. which is what we're for. >> neil: looking at the land escape now, charles crist, opting out, running against you as a republican. maybe he thinks hello he'll have a better shot as a third part candidate. are you worried? >> i'm not worried. because ultimately this race was about running against what was happening in washington, d.c. when i got in 12 months ago and few people gave me a shot. i got in because i was the only candidate that was going to washington, d.c. to stand up today agenda the obama administration was advancing. i'm still the only candidate doing that. i'm running against two people, kendrick meek and charles crist, who support
in terms of the money they're making. this was a great investment by the taxpayer of america into america. what's wrong with investing into a little american -- >> neil: but mayor, it would be like say you're giving money to your kids, two different kids, the one kid paid his brother's loan back with the money from another. you know what i'm saying? nothing was paid back, so to speak. you borrowed from one to the other. the company is stick in who can hock to us. >> no question. i'm not arguing that. the important issue is what are the preinjections, the numbers in the company. overall the company is getting healthier. this was a wise investment that saved millions of jobs. >> neil: mayor, i don't dispute that. you might be right but hasn't paid it back in and out. when we had the inspector general, he put is succinctly. >> one thing people overlook is where he they got the money to pay back the loan. it isn't from earnings. they didn't earn an extra 4 1/2 billion dollars, it's from another pool of tarp money they received. so there was money in escrow. >> neil: so they paid off a credit
over with one of america's biggest creditors, realigning the chinese currency. donald trump is saying we're looking like successors and beggars and joins us on the phone. you were on top of this chinese situation before really any prominent american executive. your big worry is they're taking us to the cleaners. >> i know china and many of the people in china and many of the big business people and they're laughing at us, they think we're stupid and our representatives are so stupid, they can't believe what they're get aig way with. they take our money, suck it out of us, we charge them virtually no tax and no tax and they loan it back to us and then they have our treasury bills and we say we have to be afraid of china because they have our treasury bills. the problem is we don't manufacture anything anymore. i bid furniture out on major project add i have six bids. every bit of furniture is being made from china. the one from america is more expensive because of the other problems that have been caused by us. so you know, if -- >> neil: why wouldn't you give the american company the
america great. i fundamentally believe that, i went to the whorton school. i think volunteerism is the best way to give back. >> neil: do you think these guys should be reformed, that they have to change their ways or the president should force that issue? >> you know, it's not my -- i have so many issues in my own company and our own situation at a i'm not an expert. people went through tough times and i think having a thorough review process, what the right answer is, i don't have the specifics. there's a lot of complexionties and people don't under what went wrong but i'm glad the economy appears to be getting better or we're feeling that, advertising and other things are getting stronger and you just reported some tech companies. so i think the most important thing is great leadership where we go for america. >> neil: gotcha. all these rumors back and forth about the so-called right network started and rumors were comcast, you, were behind it. what's the skinny? what's the deal with that? >> i think what the statement we said, that i saw, i've not met them. i'm not personall
. we have some people in america on unemployment two years. they want to rebuild america schools, roads and energy systems and want the president to increase state aid and pull people back to work and tarp funds to work for main street. but looking at the signs, there's a variety of them. hold banks accountable, modified loans of feed the needy, not the greedy. it's interesting because half of the people are angry at the banks and the others believe wall street is the reason america's in the position it's in now. >> neil: any good guess, are you hearing from authorities, how many are showing up? we're told a lot of them are in mid manhattan brokerage offices. what's going on? >> reporter: well, looking for 10,000. my guess is 1500 to 2,000, we're two city blocks. as it gets later, more people are filing in. the crowd is interesting. all the noise is coming from the speakers. maybe it will pump up the crowd when a main speaker is scheduled to speak any minute. >> thank you very much. obviously nothing is happening to you given some of your comments you've made. charlie payne in the middl
the frog in the dealt kettle of cold water and he boils slowly. that's what vat tax will do in america. >> we have a couple of full screens on what it might cost. give me full screen. it's not a toxic idea if at the end of the day we need to raise taxes, we should raise taxes. that seems to be the only answers. >> these guys spent so much money. our children, our grandchildren and great grandchildren's money to the point if they don't cut spending, the only thing they can do to act like they want to balance the budget is to raise tax. the problem is when you raise taxes in an economy like this, more people lose jobs, more people have government dependency and fewer people are paying taxes. it's really eating your seed corn or if you will, biting off your fingers and hoping you can throw the baseball better. >> talk about -- we've a full screen on the economy. a recent poll, 62% disapprove of how the president obama's job performance on domestic issues on the economy. 53% disapprove. >> i'm amazed by the 31% that think obama is doing a great job on the deficit. with a trillion dollars w
at, this is true about america, one of the great things, most of the wealth and income in this country is in the hands of the middle class. if you want to get revenue, go to the heart of the middle class. this is a big financial hardship. think about things like buying food, school supplies, clothing, all those things go up. 18, 19%. >> neil: in europe and in italy, for example, they exempt food. but your point is well taken how does it effect retail sales in general? people still buy this stuff but i guess not as much or to the degree it's a revenue raiser? >> what if means, neil, in these countries is they have a lower living standard. 18 to 20% of everything they buy goes to pay additional taxes so they can't afford as much. it's one of the reasons the united states has a higher living standard. face it, the obama administration and many liberals have euro envy. they want the united states to be more like europe with big social welfare programs with the taxes to pay for it. i applaud the former fed chairman, paul volcker. at least he's honest, if we're going to spend
, the stock market did it. this is a process in the american financial world and in america. but it doesn't mean you have to turn this into a political vendetta. >> neil: interesting. mort, always a pleasure. >> mort zuckerman. the healthcare overhaul is underway and a new bureaucracy. the office of consumer information and insurance oversight. so obviously they're printing up the stationary. it has four offices underneath it. dr. griffith says this is a bureaucratic nightmare. you recall he switched from being a democrat to a republican in the height of this healthcare debate. congressman, what do you think of -- at least we're getting grids together, i guess. >> neil, i believe that anyone who had to deal with the va system, the medicare system, social security, knows what's coming. it's going to harm the people it was intended to help. i think the bureaucracies are in the hundreds and navigating those bureaucracies are not difficult for the wealthy and the near wealthy. but it's going to be very difficult for the average man on the street. >> neil: congressman i'm searched about -- nor
expected. a lot more as the earnings parade continues. >>> america have most beautiful womens in world, for example, liza ma nellie and elizabeth taylor and center for democracy and porno, i like. >> borat isn't there but the president of kazakhstan is and met with the president of the united states today. all 47 world leaders are gathering at the white house for the nuclear summit. one tiny problem, the leader of the country the biggest nuclear target not there. israel president benjamin netanyahu fearing it would turn into an attack on israel. the former deputy assistant secretary of defense under ronald reagan. kt, i wonder if this is redecide all damage from netanyahu's team. >> when he didn't get the photo op or dinner. >> his deputy is there. >> he had to send somebody. but he probably worried he woulding ambushed since the topic is nuclear weapons. netanyahu does not want the conversation to be about dozen israel weapons. >> do you think the united states would condone that? they're talking with securing their own nuclear devices and iningredients in a nuclear weapon. where does
in america. now that's more like it. [ male announcer ] $69.99 for unlimited text, web and calling to any mobile in america. only from sprint. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >> neil: the federal reserve said things are looking up. martha at the federal reserve. interest rates are low and martha stewart's company on a high, reporting a jump, quarterly sales, smaller than expected loss. martha stewart is here with a chat on all of the above. i love it when she comes because she brings shakas. >> no, products. >> you're so good as marketing. you have a basket you just hall with you everywhere. >> and the basket changes. >> all the time. so to ben bernanke's point things are looking up do you agree. >> it looks like that in terms of retail. sales overall have been better in the last reports than before. >> neil: where is it better for you? you're at all price points. >> we're at macy's, the largest home brand add macy's and we're selling very nicely. textiles, kitchen waresy. >> neil: i'm seen women fight over your stuff. >> it's well mad
. it spends in obscurity. the debt situation i think is the greatest single threat america faces today. >> neil: i don't know. governor. you and i maybe draw a fine line, only a fine line. republicans -- you said that as well. have gotten ahead of themselves and counting their chickens before they're hatched assuming the snath snapshot of the memo moment stays. we have continued jobs gains and the market doing well it's like the wind at our back. all the republicans, assuming a huge turnover in november, might be surprised. what do you think? >> i'll be surprised if there's not a huge turnover in congress. i've never seen the electorate this angry and i don't think it's like the pot on the stove, you can turn the fire off but there's still going to be heat on there for a while. and eastbound if the fire's turned off, the residual heat from the anger of the voters, not just from what congress has done. what makes people as angry is the manner in which they did it. it's process, as much as policy. when you have bad policy and combined it with an inyou're face process it's a double whammy
be a great service it the united states of america if people say let's agree where we are. where we go to get out of this is a terribly, hostile situation. >> neil: can i get your personal thought on something? it's getting currency everywhere, actually. a value added tax. what do you think? >> well, you know, if you do a value added tax, you have to do something with the income tax. but to drag this spector of the value added tax like a dead rat through the room without doing something with the income tax is a fakery. obviously you're not going to break people, bend them down, burdens of the field, beasts of the field. what is this? value added tax, i haven't the slightest idea but if you're going mess around in that area or flat tax, you're going to adjust the other tax in accordance. >> neil: i take it that a pylon, something just adding, is not your cup of tea. >> no, i tell you what it is, i'm a -- i'm really new year's f you use flash words like amnesty and taxes and national id in the city of washington, you use emotion, fear, guilt or racism, you're going to win or lose using a blend.
on this at the time. if we do not, and if we don't do anything about it, then america is going to become a second-rate power economically and militarily and there's no doubt it and the facts are there for everyone and they're agreed upon. the debt is getting so big that it will be 60% of the gross domestic product, unheard of for america. >> neil: you say -- understood. you say we have to, then, touch the sacred cows, entitlement programs and spending on them. say we don't, because washington history is the opposite. then what? >> i say we have to produce a plan that is the result of putting everybody on the table. that means all of the entitlements have to be reduced in terms of what they cost, they have to be modified and amended. asked, medicare, medicaid. then we have to reduce all the rest of the expenditures, including defense. when we're finished, believe it or not we look at the tax code of the united states and it's got thousands of special interests that we can work on. and we must produce additional revenue that will match up with everything being on the table. >> neil: including tax h
rights are in force, this is it america. we're the guys enforcing the law. in the absence of federal action, that this is -- it's off the chart that we would still have to get into asking those questions and building up to that point. if we asked the same questions as cops two or three times -- the reason we do that, to see if you answer the same way, if you don't, there's our suspicion. we ask for identification. and at that point, now, a lot of cities like chandler or mesa, they restrict local officers from asking these questions. >> neil: could i ask you -- i'm sorry, is there any situation where you could envision some of your guys might be getting a little gun shy, no pun intended, and say, you know, i don't want anyone dragging me to court or my department to court. i'm really going to just go easy on this. so this crackdown might actually go the other way? >> not at all. 17% of these illegals have criminal records already in our state. that's why we have the highestc. what this will do is now -- i only have 15 of my deputies certified in 287g, cross certified at federal agents
to balance a budget. he's with the utility workers of america. still, stuart, i mean these are -- a lot of them are democrats and they're saying it's the same problem. >> a lot of them are democrats. not all of them obviously. th not the way to balance the budget if every state or local government used service cuts to balance their budgets it would cost another million jobs. we can't afford to take more jobs out of the economy and more wages. >> neil: but stuart, what if -- >> wait. >> neil: i want you to hear the governor, then react to this. >> we're not asking because we're trying to gouge anyone. we're asking because the state is now $9.2 billion in deficit. when is somebody going to get it. >> shepard: we have run out of money. we can't immediate our obligations and to continue to spend when we are in dire circumstances is something no family would do, no company would do, and certainly no government should be done. >> neil: he's a democrat. >> right, he's a democrat as is -- let me make it point and go to governor paterson. in los angeles, the union agreed to early retirement and
sedan in america: the taurus sho, from ford. drive one. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. the state's attorney general won't -- >> nevada's republican governor getting ready to filed a lawsuit tomorrow. today he talks to us by phone. >> it's a pleasure to be back on your show. >> same here, sir. by the way we did try for your attorney general, katherine cortez and she declined to join us. she is the one who has the power to file suits? how does that work? if you tell her or advise her to, she says no, you can act on your own? >> yes we can. the law is clear in this state of nevada, we cannot, without her authority, hire for compensation an attorney to represent the state of nevada. the law is silent as to actions outside of nevada and having an attorney represent nevada for nothing. in other words, pro bono. we're assuming the law allows for that. we're going to move forward by joining the florida lawsuit that's outside the state of nevada. we have atto
and again, if america, if the united states doesn't start moving rapidly forward, in ten years we're not going to be the number one power. we're going to have china and others, but china surpassing us. that's not acceptable to me and i don't think its acceptable to you either. >> much has been said about capitalism itself being a dirty welcome word. when you look up capital your picture comes up. >> it seems to. >> you have a very successful television show. but do you think that the message could be that obvious ten takers wealth is bad and brokers that come out with earnings don't pull and apple and brag about them. >> if you go back a thousand years it never will change. they take risks and make money and to a certain extent there's envy, jealousy and in some cases greed and it gets out and the -- 99.5% of the citizens are not happy about it. they're easy targets. it is not bad but it's going to be bad if they shut off the system. >> neil: my concern with you and other rich guys, does it boomerang and people question the means behind your money and whether, for example, goldman
of america's nuclear agenda, reaffirming the importance of the nonproliferation treaty. next month we join nations from around the toward strengthen goble efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons as we pursue greater civil nuclear cooperation. because for nations that uphold their responsibilities, peaceful nuclear energy can unlock new advances in medicine and in agriculture and economic development. all of these efforts are connected. leadership and progress in one area reinforces progress in another. when the united states improves our own nuclear security and transparency it encourages others to do the same as we've seen today. when the united states fulfills our responsibilities as a nuclear power committed to the mpt we strengthen global efforts to ensure other nations in their responsibilities. i thank you our colleagues for making this gathering a day of unprecedented progress in confronting the greatest threat to global security. hour work advances the security of all mankind and preventing nuclear proliferation and terrorism will remain one of my highist priorities as pre
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20